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We offer various products based on the same platform. All of them are planning, scheduling, resource management tools, systems or applications. The products are easily adapted to new customers, localized to any language and new terminology as well as customer specific business rules. Currently the products are available in Swedish, English and French.

The products are modularized, which means that the complexity and pricing range from cheap and easy to advanced optimization with increased value for more money.

Product features

  • Interactive Gantt chart makes planning fast and easy, especially at the day of operation.
  • Business Rule Engine, separate module including a high-level editor for handling changes in business processes and rules.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tool, available with high-level tool for creating your own tailored reports.
  • Scenario handling, module for what-if-analysis.
  • Optimization, an add-on module that ensures an optimal distribution of tasks according to user-defined constraints.
  • Multi-user capabilities for distributing the planning on several users/clients. The plans are not locked as in many other systems. That means greater flexibility, transparency and interaction with other users.
  • Persistence – everything is stored in a database that handles multi-user conflicts and constitutes a data warehouse for endless reporting capabilities.
  • Restrict access based on login, user logins are configurable to get limited access to the system, e.g. a group of users will only be granted access to view reports.

The REKO product for marine terminals. Play the video to view an example of how a user easily assigns tasks (generated by cargo volume for a call) to the staff according to availability, preferences, qualifications etc defined in a separate business rule module. Note that some of the tasks are half gray before assigning them to staff. Those are tasks that require machines and have previously been "given" their machines.

The REKO product for project resource management. Play the video to view an example of a report showing the distribution of different task types (A, B, C and D) for a chosen person and period. Note how the report updates when a task is removed from the person.

The REBO product. Play the video to view an example of how the personnel in a dental practice are appointed to work in specific rooms according to availability, qualifications etc. The assigning of persons to rooms is done during a period defined by the user, in this case half a day.

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