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Recoplan AB was founded in 2010. We are experts in Resource Coordination and Planning.

Recoplan was founded when the opportunity arose to purchase a product from a large global company, as their long-term strategic decision did not allow for expansion in a number of product areas. The product is a mature software used by customers in daily operation since 2007. Based on that platform we have developed an expanded offering that is also suitable for smaller companies. We note that a larger implementation has been run with excellent performance and results at the daily planning of 200 people and nearly a hundred machines at a major marine terminal. Yet it is of course possible to use these planning tools in a smaller scale. It will also be interesting to consider Recoplan’s cloud offer and gain access to a qualified IT solution for planning without any prior knowledge or involvement of IT departments.

We are working hard to retain expertise around the core platform and products and the unique knowledge we have in terms of IT solutions for planning and logistics. Much of the further development and adaptation is done by external consultants. We have a large network of consultants who become part of our team based on specific project needs. That creates an agile business that can be adapted cost-effectively to customers' needs, while none will be excluded because of their size.


Proven excellence of resource coordination in marine terminals.

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